Posts relating to my adventures with video games and tabletop games.

Fun Endgame Content on Diablo III

In a game where I spent countless hours killing demons, I found a delightful "special" area called Whimsydale in Diablo III. It was accessible via a magic portal from a Rainbow Treasure Goblin.

A short review of Destiny 2

Blizzard is providing Destiny 2 as a free download this month. So, since I was a Destiny addict, I decided to give it a try. I played it for about 8 hours yesterday.

My first arcade cabinet project - part one

I woke up early Saturday morning so I could get started before it got too hot (it still smells bad from having the dead rat in it, so we're keeping it in the carport to air out). I plugged in the cab and the speakers made a crackling sound for a few seconds and then went silent.