Welcome to Cerkit - 3D Designs by Michael Earls

Welcome to Cerkit - 3D Designs by Michael Earls

Michael Earls

I'm providing my designs for free on Thingiverse. I'm doing my best to package them as professionally as possible so I can attract a more serious audience.

I test print all of my models before posting them and iron out any flaws that I see in them so no one else gets a bad model from me.

I will use the feedback I get to improve the models. I've seen some pretty unprofessional looking stuff out there and I don't want my models being lumped in with those.

I make my models first and foremost to use in the game that I'm running. Having Patrons on Patreon helps pay for my time and the software that I use to design the models. I have high standards for the terrain that I use in my game and I make sure that my own designs live up to those standards.

If you have any questions or concerns over any of the models that you've downlaoded from me, leave a comment and I will respond.

Thanks for visiting and happy gaming!

My terrain tiles use the OpenLOCKā„¢ system from Printable Scenery. You will need the OpenLOCK clip (you can download the clip here) to connect these tiles to other compatible terrain systems (adapters are available for the most popular systems).

OpenLOCK License