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X-Wing Miniatures Game

Written by Michael Earls
 Gaming  savannah  Star Wars  X-Wing

I finally bought my own copy of the X-Wing miniatures game yesterday.

Laurie was kind enough to play with me last night. It turns out she really enjoyed the game so I’ll probably get to play more of it in the future.

There’s an active community of X-Wing players here in Savannah and an even bigger group in Statesboro, GA (about an hour away) near Georgia Southern college.

There are a few tournaments each year as well if I ever get good enough for competitive play. I’m still learning the full rules but so far I really enjoy the game.

Ahh, the beauty of vacation!

Written by Michael Earls
 marshall house  savannah

Laurie and I decided to take a vacation to Savannah this weekend. We’ve had a great time so far,  but that just turned around. It seems a large group of guests in our hotel are here together having their vacation, too – and a lot of alcohol to go with it.

We wanted a change of pace, something other than the monotonous drudgery of another day on the “farm”. Laurie and I usually go to bed around 10:00 every night. Not tonight. I think we’ll be up reading until 1:00 with the way things are going around here.

So, we’ve definitely gotten a change of scenery! :)

It’s the little things in life that teach us so much.