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My presentation was accepted for the Atlanta Code Camp in October

Written by Michael Earls
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I will be speaking at the 2015 Atlanta Code Camp on Saturday, October 24th.

Developing Apps for the Pebble Smartwatch using Windows Azure

You can get more information about the code camp and register on the Code Camp Website.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been involved in the Atlanta .NET community. I think my last presentation was in 2004 or 2005. It has taken awhile, but I’m starting to get back in the game.

I’ve been working with Bruce Thomas, Satya Cherukumilli, and Doug Huff to get the Montgomery, AL .NET user group back up and running. We had our first meeting last week and it went very well. We had 44 developers show up for the first meeting – and we didn’t even advertise that food would be provided until after the meeting had already started.

Real Housewives of…WTF?

Written by Michael Earls
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Does anyone really believe that those actresses are real housewives? Maybe they are, but they obviously don’t represent the highest population of house wives. If they did, they’d have soccer ball stickers on their minivans and spend their days enjoying some free time between loads of laundry and floor sweeping.


Isn’t that the purest definition of housewife? Domestic Engineer, Homemaker, etc. I fall into that category (well, not the wife part) since I don’t “work” for a living anymore, and I’m personally offended by Bravo TV’s show. Just kidding, but I do think it’s a farce.

Sadly, I once saw an interview of a foreign student (on “Current TV” – awesome channel – you should get your cable company to carry it) and she said that her view of America comes from that show. AAAGH! This is the kind of crap we’re known for globally – Cowboy presidents and witchy actresses.