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Jeff Tyler

Jeff is a C# developer who has been developing software since 2007. In his free time, he enjoys playing around with new technologies or being out doors hunting, fishing or just hanging out.

Alabama, USA (map)

5 posts

Entity Framework Composable Queries using LinqKit

Written by Jeff Tyler
 EntityFramework  C#  LinqKit  SQL  Queries  Composable  programming  .NET
One of the biggest drawbacks to SQL is the inability to reuse pieces of a query. Technically you can create views but then you wind up joining views to views consuming views and performance goes down the drain. What if there was away to write a query once and then reuse that query anywhere that you needed that data and...

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C# Introduction to Expression Trees

Written by Jeff Tyler
 programming  .NET
Recently I was in a situation where I needed to write my own expression trees to be consumed by Entity Framework. I thought that it would be a good opportunity to pass what I learned along. Along the way I came up with three realizations that helped me understand what I was doing. When dealing with Expression Trees you are...

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