Creating Music and Animation in VR

Creating Music and Animation in VR

I've spent the past few weeks learning how to create animation and music using only my Virtual Reality headset. I've been using Quill and Virtuoso (paired with my DAW) extensively.

My first animation was the result of me trying to keep up with Goro Fujita's Patreon supporter class. He works fast, so I only got part of the project finished.

My first animation using Quill

The next animation that I made, I spent a bit more time on. I wanted to see how hard it would be to simulate a candle flame flickering. I also decided to challenge myself to create moonbeams shining down from a window high above the room.

My second Quill animation "Candle in the Window"

I'm having a blast drawing and animating in Quill. I was never really able to get over the learning curve of programs like Blender, so I haven't really developed any 3D animation so far. The ability to interact directly with your subject in VR makes drawing in Quill intuitive and easy to understand. The animation tools are incredible, and the "animbrush" makes animating objects fun.

I'm looking forward to making more animations and little dioramas in VR.