Play your Favorite Daw from Within Virtual Reality

In this post, I briefly discuss interfacing a VR headset with the Reason Studios Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Play your Favorite Daw from Within Virtual Reality

I have been learning how to use my VR headset to be more creative. I spent the first big weekend that I had with it learning the basics of drawing in VR.

In addition to drawing, I have also been learning how to compose music in VR using a program called Virtuoso.

Virtuoso has a companion application that runs on your computer that listens for MIDI over WiFi messages and sends them to a virtual MIDI device running on your computer.

To get started, you'll need a VR headset like the Oculus Quest 2.

I'm using the Program Virtual Desktop to quickly switch between Virtuoso in VR and my computer running my DAW. This allows me to add tracks, select instruments and effects, and do anything else that I would normally use a mouse for, but I can do it with the Oculus controllers instead. Some things are faster (using two hands to click multiple things on the screen without dragging the mouse cursor along), while other things (dragging and dropping) can be a challenge.

Here is a short video I made as I explored using my DAW with Virtual Reality Instruments (including a custom drum kit complete with drumsticks that I used to hit the pads with).

Note: I got my streams crossed in the video. This DOES NOT use MIDI over WiFi. It is using UDP to talk directly to the computer. I just happened to be running it from within Virtual Desktop, which enabled me to connect to it wirelessly. The performance is not very good, so I recommend a cable.