Why I'm not a classically trained musician

Why I'm not a classically trained musician

I'm not a classically trained musician. I was kicked out of second grade music class because I blew into the practice flute while the instructor was talking. It was something that a kid would do on a dare. It was a tragedy that he was also the band instructor for all of elementary and middle school, thereby ruining my chances at a musical education. All because of one simple mistake. Thanks for being a dick, Mr. Biffle. Sure, I'm the one that blew into the flute, but he's the one who did not accept my apology and let me back into the music program.

I took chorus class in middle school and was in the concert choir (we even made state), so I did learn a little about sight reading, but my music theory education should have started earlier than that.

Since then, I have avoided learning about music because I felt it was tedious to learn the theory. So I just hammer away at the keyboard playing what I think sounds nice. I search the web and try to learn about music composition, but my favorite band is Tangerine Dream from Germany. Their best music is wild electronic music with complicated musical structures that would be hard to emulate (I've tried). I can get a few of their patterns (they use a lot of sequencers) and make music that sounds a little bit like them, but overall it's complex and hard to emulate.

I own Reason Studios' Reason DAW, and have since version 4 (maybe about 15 years ago?) and that has a lot of features that I don't use. I'm just not motivated to learn the details of the tools while also learning the theory.

Honestly, it bores me to death to think of things in terms of quarter notes, half notes, and time signatures, but since those are the metrics we use to measure music, I suppose I'm going to have to bite down and learn it some day.

I tried taking piano lessons, but they started at the very beginning. I know what a half note looks like, I know what a tie is, I know how to count, i just don't like doing it.

Does that mean I'm destined to be a musical failure? Maybe. Maybe not.

What does bring me satisfaction is recording ethereal sounds on my keyboard and layering them together to make spacey soundscapes. I've always enjoyed "space music". When I was a kid, I would make a point to listen to Hearts of Space on public radio. I discovered a lot of really cool music that way. I only wish I could remember the musicians that I listened to back then.

Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jean Michele Jarre... those are my primary influences and what I spend my time listening to (when I'm not listening to Iron Maiden, Queensryche, or Slayer).

Maybe I'll learn what I should to be a better musician. I'd like that, I think.

I've been playing with "The Gentleman" piano instrument from Native Instruments today and it has been very inspiring. It has a lot of great presets and ways to modify its sound. It drew out the inner Enya in me, I think.