Eight started his day like any other. He consumed his breakfast, got dressed, and took the bullet train to the office. He was grateful for the job he had. He had it better than one through seven. They were assigned construction duty downtown. Six was assigned to hazardous duty. The boss got extra hazard pay for his work.

Eight was the boss's pride and joy. The boss had saved up for a decade to afford him and now he was bringing in a lot of money. His assignment as a high paid executive at a downtown bank ensured that the boss would reap the benefits of the upper class for the rest of his life.

As eight sat quietly on the train, he thought about the life he had been brought into. It was a good life, even if his rights were limited.

Eight had once been invited for a week vacation on the boss's super yacht. He was the only clone there, but everyone treated him like he was one of them. It was almost like being a biological himself.

The boss spent a lot of money to engineer eight for his position. He made sure that his intelligence would be high and even paid to tweak his appearance and physique. Good looks and high intelligence have opened doors for eight that are reserved for the elite.