New Keyboards

New Keyboards

I had a little change of plans. I canceled the Drop CTRL and ordered a Glorious GMMK. It's the same layout as the CTRL, but it was a lot cheaper. I used the YMDK Carbon keycaps that I had ordered for the CTRL.

I also got a Planck from It's a small ortholinear (all the keys are in a grid) with only 42 keys. I like it a lot, though it has forced me to learn touch typing. I have 38 years of bad habits to overcome.

I used the grid layout on my Planck, so I have one extra key than the one pictured below.

The Planck.

I've had it for about four days. I really like using it. It takes up very little space on my desk and I carry it back-and-forth to work. I ordered an Ortho48 from CannonKeys so that I can have one for both locations, but that one is a birthday present and will require some soldering of the diodes and the keyswitches.

Ortho48 from CannonKeys

Here are my new keyboards all together next to a full sized keyboard for scale:

The white case is for another Planck. My friend Jeff printed that on the 3D printer that I gave him. I may have given the printer away prematurely as I have some other keyboard projects that I'd like to try. I'm going to handwire the one in the white case, so that will be a fun project. It will use an Arduino Pro Micro as the microcontroller. I still have to buy the metal plate that the switches will fit into. It will screw into the case. I'm using the Planck lo-pro plate from the keyboard library on LaserBoost. I got the STL files for the lo-pro Planck on the OLKB Parts GitHub page.

Typing is a lot easier on this smaller keyboard (adjusting for touch typing lessons). The T,Y,B, and N keys are easier to get to when they're in a grid. I've also almost completely adjusted to having the numbers on a function row. I use a lot of numbers at work, but it was no problem for me. I'm no longer coding in C#, so the symbols like {, }, [, and ] haven't come up, even though they're accessible easily. I did use the = and % in SQL, though.

I've been learning touch typing by using the website I've almost made it through the entire alphabet. I'm currently on Q and it's slow going. I'm almost up to 21 wpm with zero errors. I like the way the website works. It focuses on a single letter until your confidence level is at 1, then moves onto the next letter. It is a good site, I'd recommend it if you'd like to learn to touch type.