Consistency is the key to achieving the 20-30 minutes daily reading goal that teachers ask you to maintain over school breaks.  The first step to make shared reading part of your routine is to identify a set time or situation that happens each day.

The traditional bedtime story may work for your family, but don’t worry if it’s not a good fit.  There are so many other reading opportunities throughout any given day.  One option is to read directly after meals.  Allow stained pot and pans to soak in a sink of hot water while you read right at the kitchen table.  Another possible reading time is first thing in the morning.  A favorite story might be just the thing to ease a sleepyhead into the new day.

Maybe your household schedule is crazy with everyone moving in different directions.  Select a circumstance that happens most days, even if it’s away from home.  If you’re often stuck in traffic, audio and electronic books allow for reading while in the car.   Likewise, reading with one sibling while another sibling has sports practice or music lessons carves out a little reading time in a hectic schedule.  Online subscription services such as Amazon’s Free Time make your child’s library portable and easier than carrying a load of books from place to place.

Realize you may need one routine for weekdays and another for the weekend, but daily reading means reading every day.