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My first 3D printed terrain design

My first 3D printed terrain design

I ordered a new 3D printer yesterday. We're about to start a new GURPS campaign and I wanted to start using 3D terrain. There's an entire world of hobbyists designing 3D printed terrain. I'd like our adventures to take place in the modern world, as well as the future (space) and old western times. Most of the terrain that's out there is fantasy RPG themed (think Dungeons and Dragons). However, there's still a good bit of sci-fi. I'd like to make some terrain based on my favorite franchises. The trick is going to be making terrain with that look and feel without infringing on any copyrights. I know I can't use the trademarked names to describe my work, but I can at least hint at it.

For instance, one of the first projects I'd like to do will be called "That's no moon". I'm guessing that anyone who needs to know what that is will know. Especially when they see what the tiles look like.

Here is my first attempt at a space-themed spaceship interior wall. I used the OpenLOCK system because the license is Creative Commons. However, I'm working to get a license to use the Dragonbite link system.

You can download the STL files for 3D printing from Thingiverse.