What to do if you're in space holding on to a column and the Earth is approaching

What to do if you're in space holding on to a column and the Earth is approaching

I had a dream last night. It started with my arms wrapped around a column suspended in space. The Earth was visible in the distance, but I noticed that it was approaching me. Since I knew that I didn't want the Earth to catch up to my position (I wasn't sure what would happen if I were to enter the atmosphere above the ocean). I was stuck in a static position, so if the Earth moved into me, I would be forced underwater.

I ran downstairs (I have no idea how I was in a house while also holding onto a column suspended in space while also seeing the Earth approach, but I was) in a frantic attempt to find a safe place to be when the Earth arrived.

When the Earth finally did intersect my position, I was safely grounded on an unknown Island. My GPS watch indicated that I had explored 1% of the land. I instantly knew that I'd get bonus points for exploring 100% of this territory, so I started walking around the house.

As I did, the percentage explored indicator on my simple LCD GPS watch went up. Then, I got to the edge of the house. It wasn't my house, I was a visitor, so there were certain places I had to sneak around so as not to be creepy.

I got to the front porch and noticed that I was surrounded by water. Frozen water. There was a rectangular opening in the top of the ice that allowed for entry, so I sent my avatar into it and used my VR controller to navigate her around the remaining area that encompassed this territory.

I dove and rose and moved my avatar about with ease. When she had explored all of the area, I got her to emerge from the rectangular opening.

That was it, I had explored 100% of the uncharted territory.

The dream ended.