My latest hobby...Reading

My latest hobby...Reading

When I was a kid, I had an abundance of energy. I was diagnosed with Hyperactivity Disorder. That was before ADHD was a thing. My parents and teachers had to deal with me constantly bouncing off the walls. I made poor grades in school, not because I didn't know the material, but because I couldn't sit still long enough to bother with the homework. I made A's and B's on my tests and scored college reading level on the standardized tests when I was in elementary school.

However, I hated reading. I read a few books, but it was a chore to read. Every time I would read a sentence, I would get distracted by something in the room and my imagination would wander off. I had to re-read sentences in the book until I finally slogged through the whole thing.

In my forties, however, I'm finding it much easier to read books and I've been reading a lot of them. I bought a Kindle a few months back and read quite a few books on it. Now, though, I've learned to appreciate the real thing. I like how it feels to hold a real paper book in my hands and turn the pages.

I have discovered the joys of reading, probably thirty years too late, but at least I can finally read without being distracted.

I'm currently reading three different books right now, and I'm trying to fight the urge to start a fourth and fifth. There are so many books I want to read. I just ordered an anthology and two other books.

My favorite genre is Soft Sci-Fi. I like the imaginative space alien stories. I don't much care if the science is sound, I just like a fun romp through space and time. One of the books I ordered is the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 1: 1929-1964. I'm looking forward to reading some of the original Sci-Fi classics.

I'm just now starting to get into reading, so I haven't quite developed my strategy for finding my next book. It's more of a random thing at the moment, though I am beginning to read anthologies and Sci-Fi magazines to get a feel for various authors.

I feel like I'm such a newbie in life because I haven't been reading all of this time. I've always known that I was under-educated outside of the technical field, but I guess you really never know how much you don't know.

I think I'd like to explore historical non-fiction about the dark ages and perhaps the history of the Roman Empire. Maybe even read some historical fiction set in the heyday of the Roman Empire.

I've also learned to enjoy "fluffy" books. I'm currently reading a Star Trek book that reads like an episode of the television show. It's an easy read and it's keeping me entertained, but something tells me I'll forget about it. I have also read a lot of Star Wars books. I own a digital copy of all of the books published before Disney bought Lucasfilm and reset the canon. Of course, many of those books are being re-published under the Star Wars "Legends" banner, to set them apart from the new official canon books. Of all the Star Wars books I've read, I've never read the Thrawn trilogy. I still don't know if I'll read it since so much has changed and it will just confuse the issue. Maybe I can read it and think of it as an alternate universe or something.

I'm really excited about reading books now and I haven't watched Netflix or any other media (other than a few YouTube videos here and there) in a very long time. It's a new world and I can't wait to read more!