I have officially turned to the dark side

Slowly turning to the dark side, I just purchased my first Apple watch.

I have officially turned to the dark side

When I had my Pixel smartphone (the Android phone to have), Laurie got an Apple watch. I was instantly jealous. My current smartwatch at the time was the Asus Zenwatch 2 and it didn't behave nearly as perfectly as her Apple watch. I had also spent a few years with a Pebble smartwatch on both iPhone and Android devices and that experience was OK, but nothing like what she was experiencing.

So I made the decision to change phones, just for the watch. I traded my Pixel in for an iPhone 8+ a few months ago. Last weekend, I got my first Apple watch. I have to say, I love this watch. Just like the saying goes, "it just works". Pairing with the phone was a breeze and I have never had it disconnect from my phone when it was in range.

I experience none of the issues that I had with Android Wear or Pebble. Everything is smooth and the watch is responsive. The touch screen responds instantly to my touch and is very sensitive. I barely move my wrist and the watch comes on to show me my selected watchface, which is one of many great watch faces.

I was reluctant to get locked into Apple's ecosystem, and I'm still using Google Play music (Apple music sucks in comparison), but I am very happy with my watch. I only wish it would work with the Pixel smartphone, then I'd have the best of both worlds. I decided not to get the cellular version as I don't really see the use cases applying to me. I don't run (and I take my phone with me on my walks).

I also use a Macbook Pro at work sometimes when working on the iPad app development (my main computer at work is a PC), so I have to say that Apple does actually, "just work", I'm just not a big fanboy.