Staring at a blank canvas

Staring at a blank canvas

I recently bought painting supplies. The whole works; Brushes, Canvases, Paints. I even bought a new easel. I managed to paint one painting using the intuitive painting technique. However, I keep finding myself staring at a blank canvas, not knowing what to put on it. I have no idea what to paint now that I have the supplies.

It's almost like the 3D printer that I recently bought. Once I had it assembled and working properly, I had nothing to print with it.

I'll bet if I broke out some paper and pencil, I'd get instant writer's block, too.

I can't seem to shake this dilemma of having the resources, but not the drive to do something artistic.

I used to have a blog post on here that described a recent job interview that I attended where I told them that I made order out of chaos and that I veiwed programming as an artistic endeavor. I then called BS on myself and countered that statement with what I now believe was more BS.

After further thought, I am back to believing that programming is an artistic endeavor. At least I have that. Maybe that's why I have so much trouble with other forms of art, because I've worn myself out during my day job. My brain really is tired after a long day of writing code and building software architectures for large systems.

Order from chaos. Isn't that what art and programming is?