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My Second Gundam Model Build - Barbatos Lupus

Written by Michael Earls
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I just finished building the Gundam Barbatos Lupus (021) kit from Bandai. It costs me $12 on Amazon and I spent about three hours total building it.

I finally see the differences in the models as this one was a much different experience than my first model.

This model is a little more stiff and doesn't have the same articulation variability as the Try Burning Gundam does.

However, it has a cool sword that it can hold.

Also, there are a lot more areas that require panel lining on this model. None of my pictures have the panel lining in them (yet), but I've been adding a little here and there since taking the photos. I may update this post with some panel lining after shots.

It's all about the quiet time

Once again, I really enjoyed the quiet time building this model. I woke up early on a Saturday and Sunday and worked on it in the silence of the morning. It was a very relaxing activity. It's amazing that these models require no glue (so far). I did add cement to the side of the head of my first model in an attempt to cover a seam line, but it didn't work. There's no glue or cement in this model.

Low standards for appearance

I'm also not cleaning or painting my models to any particular high specification. I'm currently just satisfied with having an assembled model. It's easy to see areas where I need to clean the edges on the model. I'm also not going to paint these models just yet as I'm not sure I want to go that deep into the hobby yet. I also used the supplied decals. A lot of really good model builders on YouTube don't use the decals, but paint the model instead. I'm not ready for that at this point.


All in all, this has been a fun hobby. I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to start building this one right before I started, but once I got through the first few steps, I started enjoying it again.

I may buy a higher grade model in the near future (more parts and longer build times), but I still have a few High Grade models on my list at Amazon.

Build photos

Box art Box Art

Head Head

Head (side view) Head (side view)

Head (with eyes visible) Head (with eyes visible)

Upper body Upper body

Back of upper body Back of upper body

Legs Legs (I forgot a panel on the back of the left leg when this photo was taken).

Assembled upper body Assembled upper body

Here are some pictures of the model after I did some panel lining:

Panel Lining 1

Panel lining 2

Panel lining 3

Panel lining 4

Panel lining 5