One day, work and school will no longer feel like "work"

One day, work and school will no longer feel like "work"

When I was in my early twenties, I used to imagine a future where work and school were no longer considered "work". I envisioned a scenario where kids and young adults would simply sit at a desk and "play" a "game" all day (and get paid for it). The business logic and applied value of the game would be converted by the computer from a game to actual useful work that benefited the business.

Well, it seems that some professors have taken the first baby steps in this process and ended up with a somewhat successful result.

This excites me because it's becoming obvious that we're going to have to do something to find employment for people as technology replaces more and more "traditional" labor jobs. I've always believed that you should do what you love and convince someone else to pay you to do it. This way, people can do what they love and make a living.

One scenario that's easy to see is the job of a drone pilot. Many people spend hours and hours "playing" flight simulators on their computers. What if that flight simulator was a real drone that was delivering packages for a big retailer?

This article on Ars Technica explains the story...