Am I abusing Ghost?

Am I abusing Ghost?

I have been working steadily on creating my new Ghost blog to be exactly what I want. However, I have found myself dipping into JavaScript to sew up the loose ends that I perceive with Ghost's built-in functionality.

Too much WordPress?

Am I trying to create a blog that has more WordPress in it? Have I spent so much time using a CMS that provides things like plugins, widgets, and server-side code that I'm defiling the elegance of the creators' original intent?

Perhaps blogs aren't meant to have dynamic icons, user-changeable themes or context-aware sidebars.

Client-side scripting OK?

Or, maybe they are. Maybe I've been a server-side developer for so long that I'm missing the point of client-side scripting - to do the things that servers just aren't good at. Perhaps I need to utilize client script to do the "heavy lifting" of modifying the page without having to reload the page every time the user clicks on something.

I really don't know the answer. I'm a little bit uncomfortable as I add more and more code to my theme. It's also a bit strange to see my page "sputter" as it loads the scripts and applies the styles.


I am pleased with the final result and my home page loads in under 1.5 seconds. I guess that's the ultimate goal I've had - better performance. Many people in the Ghost community refer back to the focus of Ghost - content, but as a developer, I am concerned with performance and SEO for the users of my theme. I still believe that "content is king", but not for me. I have a dual-purpose blog. Sure, I have content (you're reading it), but I am writing about the very software that I use to write with.