The Real Soldier

The enemy is near, beware his elusive ways.

He lurks in the darkness, abusing the people for his selfish purposes.

His ideals are dangerous, he believes things which are against sensible human morality.

His propaganda spreads conflict to all who will listen. And believe me, there are a lot who are eager to hear his words.

He appeals to the base desires of his followers, trapping them in his game.

He trains them to hunt for him, eradicating all who will stand against him.

If he cannot silence them, he kills them. If he cannot kill them, he buys them.

The souls who have been bought work tirelessly to promote his message, because his message is their message.

They attend gatherings to perfect their craft, so that they can more effectively do his bidding.

They convince more to join their ranks with promises of untold riches.

They develop an environment of trust so that no one dare speak against him and his allies.

But they never deliver on their promises.

They ensure that those who could stand against them remain distracted.

They ensure that the truth of what they do never reaches the masses, for that would undo centuries of established lies.

The enemy recruits his troops from the desperate and proud pupils of his substandard institutions.

He spends untold fortunes on their grooming.

They are loyal and devoted.

They will fight on the battlefield and lay down their life for their master.

But these aren’t the real soldiers he depends on to fight his war.

The real soldiers are the ones who repeat the lies they memorize from the unrelenting propaganda machine.

No matter where they get their information, it will always come from the same source.

They are the real soldiers of the enemy.