No more Mac. Why I chose to sell my Apple computer

I recently bought an iMac. I’ve always wanted to own one, but never had the money. I got the opportunity last month and I picked one up used.

I installed the latest operating system on it and started using it instead of my PC. I still kept my PC hooked up and connected to my monitor for gaming. I set everything up; email, browser, PGP keys, etc. As time progressed, I kept finding myself switching back to the PC for various tasks. Eventually, I realized that I hadn’t turned on the Mac in a few days. It was a hassle. I didn’t have any software for it and there wasn’t really any software for it that I couldn’t get on the PC (Adobe Creative Cloud, for example). Plus, that magic mouse is so annoying!

My PC is so much more comfortable to me. I just don’t have a need for the Mac, after all. So I put it up for sale on eBay. Hopefully, someone can find a use for it that I couldn’t. Maybe one day I’ll invest in a new spiffy iMac, but honesty, for the money, I think I’d much rather invest in a killer PC. You just get more for your money. I don’t need a coffee shop trophy, so the Macbook isn’t for me. I have a great desktop, so the iMac isn’t for me.

I’m still using iCloud for a shared family calendar, since Laurie and I both have iPhones and she uses her iPad a lot. I also use it for notes and photos. I’ll probably keep paying for extra space on iCloud since it’s integrated with my iPhone. Though, for $9.95/month, I could get 1TB of One Drive along with 5 installs of MS office. That might be a better deal than $3.95 for just 250GB of iCloud space. I’ll have to weigh my options.

I’m still torn between OneNote and Apple Notes. I really like OneNote, but Apple notes is so convenient. I guess I can configure OneNote to act just like it, so it’s not really a problem. I just need to take the plunge. I was “all in” with Apple products a few weeks ago, but I’m starting to die a little inside because of it.

About five years ago, I said, “We’re not having any of that Apple crap in my house”, responding to Laurie buying an iPod. Now we both use iPhones, have a Macbook Air and iPad Air 2 for Laurie, and an AirPort Time Capsule WiFi router. So, I’ve grown a little more tolerant, but I’m still a Windows fan at the end of the day, I think.