Introduction to the programming merit badge

We’re having a recruitment drive this coming Friday at the Church for the Boy Scouts troop.

I needed to come up with an activity, so I just put together some JavaScript code that introduces that Programming merit badge for the Boy Scouts.

It is a simple bit of code that challenges the user to change the message that is displayed with a bonus to change the color of the Boy Scout logo on the top of the page.

It uses a textarea to contain the JavaScript code that the code on the page will then execute (using the JavaScript eval() function). I used SVG that I created using Adobe Illustrator by using the ImageTrace functionality. I then copied the logo into the clipboard and pasted it directly into the code editor.

There is also a Spanish and Korean version of the page.

I’m pleased with the results.

The code is up on GitHub and has an MIT license.

Here is a screenshot:


Korean page: