More VB posts on the way

More VB posts on the way

I recently started a new large project. Because of a client request, it will be developed entirely in VB.NET. So, from the core architecture all the way through the client code itself, everything will be in VB.NET. That means that a lot more posts on my blog will be about VB.NET topics and code samples.

Personally, I’m not all that worried, nor am I the least bit upset by this. My last projects had me maintaining legacy VB code written by someone else. This new project will be all new code written by me, so I’ll be the one to make sure it’s maintainable for the people that will follow behind me doing the maintenance.

I’m pretty excited. VB can do just about everything C# can do (no yield or anonymous methods – and I’ll miss the anonymous methods). I think the future of development is more in the framework changes and not so much in the language of choice. Microsoft is still improving VB.NET, so I don’t think they’ll abandon it any time soon.

So, look for more VB code samples and articles on this blog in the future.

It should still be relevant for .NET developers (including C# developers), as the core ideas and implementation will still be the same, it’s just a different language. I don’t think any C# developer will have trouble porting my VB samples to C# if they need the code.