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Day at the Guild Hall

Day at the Guild Hall

There’s a new gathering place in Savannah called the Guild Hall. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. They have some great ideas for the future. Laurie and I spent a few hours there yesterday playing a story game with one of the regulars. There were a lot of people there playing other games and doing other projects. It was a happening place. I got a membership so that I can come back and play again. The memberships are monthly and they have different levels. Check out their website for more details. The website is incredible. Don’t forget to scroll down though.


I guess I’m part of the gamer’s guild and the coder’s guild.

I’m offering to teach some C# classes there as the Unity 3D game engine uses C# as one of its languages and there are a lot of people interested in creating games. I’ve never done any game development, but hopefully I can contribute something to the community with my years of experience programming C#.