CSS Goodness!

CSS Goodness!

I just finished working on two custom templates/themes for WordPress. I used no HTML tables, just

tags and CSS. There were two tags – one each for the XHTML validation badge and the CSS validation badge. All the other images were background-images in CSS.

What’s most shocking is that I have one code base (XHTML and CSS) that works in IE 7+ (even in IE 7 quirks mode), Google Chrome, Firefox, and Apple Safari. I’m psyched. This is the first time in my career that I haven’t had to write javascript to detect the browser version. Of course, I am assuming that my visitors have more recent versions of their browser. That’s why I put a “this site optimized for…” deisclaimer at the bottom. Hopefully, it won’t look too awful in older browsers.

The sites both validate against XHTML and CSS. I’m really excited about this. I almost can’t believe it.

As soon as my domain name (cerkit.com) transfers to GoDaddy, I’ll post my new custom template/theme to the site and start piling on the blog entries!