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Ahh, the beauty of vacation!

Laurie and I decided to take a vacation to Savannah this weekend. We’ve had a great time so far,  but that just turned around. It seems a large group of guests in our hotel are here together having their vacation, too – and a lot of alcohol to go with it.

We wanted a change of pace, something other than the monotonous drudgery of another day on the “farm”. Laurie and I usually go to bed around 10:00 every night. Not tonight. I think we’ll be up reading until 1:00 with the way things are going around here.

So, we’ve definitely gotten a change of scenery! :)

It’s the little things in life that teach us so much.

Michael Earls

Michael Earls

Michael has been a computer nerd since he was ten years old and he begged his parents to buy him a computer for Christmas. In 1982, he was the proud owner of a TI-99/4A. He's been coding since.

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