The key and the Chasm

The key and the Chasm

Somewhere deep in my brain lies a locked door. Searching for
the key, I’ve stumbled upon a great chasm. Without any
clear way to pass, I sit at the edge contemplating the best
way to cross.

Do I build a bridge? Do I  climb down one side and up the
other? Once there, will the key be there waiting for me?

Perhaps I should study the lock so I can get a better idea
of what the key might look like.

Maybe I could pick the lock. That would save me the trouble
of crossing the chasm.

That’ll work.

Michael Earls
Montgomery, AL, USA
Michael has been a computer nerd since he was ten years old and he begged his parents to buy him a computer for Christmas. In 1982, he was the proud owner of a TI-99/4A. He's been coding since.