Sleeping through Escapism

Sleeping through Escapism

Lately, I’ve spent a great deal of time sleeping. A great deal. Some of it has to do with my medication, but I can’t help but wonder if some of it has to do with escapism.

I truly enjoy waking up from a nap and remembering all the dreams I had. It’s magical in there, more magic than anything I’ve ever experienced in waking life. In dreams I can fly. In dreams, I meet new people all the time. In dreams, I revisit old friends and spend more time with those I barely knew. I have the power to change things on a whim. There are no surprises in my dreams, only situations that can be bent to my will.

Sure, I have my share of nightmares, but I can usually bring them under control. For those that I can’t, I usually wake myself up with the thought that it was a lesson learned (or just a bad dream).

Sleeping is my Television. I sleep mostly during the day, while Laurie is away. That lets me spend more time with her. I’m not saying that I sleep all day every day, but I do get my fair share.

Eight hours? Hah. Try twelve.

My doctor once told me that it’s not healthy. But now he seems to think it’s really something I need, or that’s what I want to think, anyway.

Maybe I’m just addicted to alternate realities. I’m also a daydreamer. I used to sit and dream of virtual reality before it became a cliché. Life brings me so many blessings. I sometimes feel guilty about the time I spend sleeping. “You could be doing so much more with your life if you didn’t sleep all the time”. True, but what if those are the life experiences I’m supposed to have.


Escaping through sleep has become somewhat of an obsession of mine lately. I try to wake up and remember my dreams. I’ve gotten quite good at it. It’s a pleasure to wake up and realize I was just flying through the air exploring a world that only exists in that dream. Blue skies, puffy clouds… you get the idea.

Is there a cure? I think so. I’ve been trying to reduce the number of hours I sleep by staying awake later at night. I also try to avoid napping. I can do this for a few days, but then I crash again and enter the deep sleep cycle.

Escapism? Perhaps, but it sure does feel awesome.