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Moving to Wordpress

I’ve decided to break my permalinks (after keeping them around for 5 years or so) and move on to using WordPress as my blog host. For those of you that are subscribed to my RSS feed, nothing will change for you.  However, for those of you who visit the website, you’ll need to change your bookmarks to http://cerkit.wordpress.com/. Cerkit.com will be retired, but Cerkit will live on. Once I figure out a good use for the domain, I’ll crank it back up again.  But for now, All I really need is a simple blog, and WordPress provides that for me.

Update: I’m using WordPress.com’s Custom Domain service now, so cerkit.com still works.

Michael Earls

Michael Earls

Michael has been a computer nerd since he was ten years old and he begged his parents to buy him a computer for Christmas. In 1982, he was the proud owner of a TI-99/4A. He's been coding since.

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