My XBox 360 arrived 6 days early!

When I posted my last entry about having 6 days left until my XBox 360 was delivered, I had this secret hope in the back of my mind that I might get it early.

When Laurie and I were out Saturday afternoon, I got a call from David over at GameStop telling me that my XBox 360 console had arrived.

It didn’t take us long to make it over there to pick it up.

When I got it home, I immediately disconnected the Media Center computer from the plasma and removed all of the wires, cables, and external devices required to keep it running.  I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of clutter that a computer can create.

I then turned to the XBox 360 box on the floor beside me and opened it up.  I must admit, the experience was pleasant.  The box top opened to reveal a friendly and attractive insert describing the short version of the setup instructions.  Underneath was a very attractive, polished white dual concave XBox 360 console.

I took it out and placed it in its new home under the plasma, directly on top of the Dolby Digital receiver.  I had already plugged my HD cable into the component video ports on the plasma, so I just attached the optical audio cable to the XBox 360 HD cable and plugged it into the back of the XBox 360.

I was a bit disturbed to learn that the XBox 360 already came with an HD cable, so the one that I bought would become an extra.

I turned the TV on and was greeted by the XBox 360 control panel.  Setup was extremely easy and I had it up and running on XBox Live in no time.  I transferred my XBox Live account over to XBox 360 Gold and started browsing around the arcade.

I had some work around the house that I had planned for the weekend, so I promised myself that I wouldn’t play Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion until after I had finished the house work.

I put in Kameo : Elements of Power and started playing that.  The graphics are awesome on the XBox 360 and it took full advantage of my 42″ EDTV (I’m sure it would look even nicer on an HDTV).

After that, I spent a good amount of time browsing the XBox Live marketplace, downloading demos of the arcade games.  Laurie got involved and before long, she was enjoying many of the games.  This is a good thing to me, because she was actually *enjoying *the XBox.

Everything was going well until I put a DVD in the player and the screen went black.  My EDTV couldn’t handle the signal!  My world instantly turned as black as the screen I was staring at.  I knew there might be some issue with this television, as there were certain games I couldn’t play on the XBox.

It seems my plan to make the XBox the center of my entertainment system would have to wait until I upgraded my TV to an HDTV (a $2500 prospect at best).

Or would it?

I actually found the solution and I’m now happily enjoying all of the features XBox 360 has to offer.