Trip to Manhattan - Part 3

Thursday night, I hung out with two Magenicons… Sean Schade and Chris Winland.  We walked from SOHO to Grenwich Village to a comedy club/Thai restaurant that they had been to a few weeks before.

We were very early for the show, so we sat in the bar area and enjoyed 2 for 1 brews for Happy Hour.  When it came time for the show, we headed to the back, paid our $5, and sat at a table beside the stage.

The show was everything I expected.  The host went around the room asking about different people and deciding if he was going to make a kind comment or a rude comment.  He chose to be kind to us (three guys from Atlanta sitting together at a table in Greenwich Village…hmmmm).

However, a few of the other comedians weren’t so kind.  It didn’t bother me any, I just think it’s pathetic that a comedian with no material decides that three total strangers he’s never met sitting at a table by the stage are “fags screwing each other”.  Lame.  I think I laughed harder than he did.

The worst comedian though was a very nice Asian woman.  She was obviously new to the whole thing as she kept spitting out clean joke after clean joke, with no rhythm and no audible punchline.  She was a business manager of some sort (I’m guessing she’s a Software Project Manager, since she told a “joke” about “buggy software.  I mean, come on…”).  She tried a few more jokes about corporate America. Everyone was kind to her, though and applauded when she left the stage (that’s probably the loudest I clapped all night).  Later, when I was talking to Sean and Chris, I suggested that there’s nothing funny about corporate America.  Besides, Dilbert has anything that is funny covered.

There was a guy who pretended to be tripping on LSD.  His routine went places that no person should go.  Without being guilty of spreading the garbage, I’ll just tell you his opening line…

“If a man is having sex with a pregnant woman, is that considered a threesome?”  He then took that image even farther and evoked some pretty deep taboos that the average person would never have come up with.  Maybe he was tripping on Acid.

Another goon looked bizarre.  He had dwarf-like proportions and kept staring down an attractive girl at the front of the stage.  He told Jewish jokes and made fun of his “half-Jew heritage”.  I didn’t get it, but then I’m not Jewish.

All in all, it was an entertaining experience.  The food was decent and I got a chance to hang out with two of the best Magenic consultants on the planet.  Fun times.