Yesterday, I put my macaroni and cheese in the microwave at work and set the timer to 3:00 at a power level of 5. I then went to make a phone call to a client. When I got off the phone with the client (13 minutes later), my macaroni and cheese was still cooking in the microwave and smoke was coming out of the edges of the door. It turns out that I had put the timer on 30:00 instead of 3:00.

The food was charcoal black and the plastic container was melted. It stunk up the place, too. In retrospect, I’m glad I set the power level to half power or there might have been a real fire.

One of my coworkers (a sales guy) said “I think it’s interesting that a programmer would have trouble figuring out the microwave”. I guess he has a point.

It still smells funny in here a day later.